In Speaking into the Silence on June 19, 2008 at 5:51 am


There was silence when I went on stage
A naked emptiness awakened within me
For all my boldness I could not answer
What would be a risk for me?
I did not know.


Pierced by the silence, my own silence
An absence both behind and before me.
And I in deep compuncture have turned
to face life and death with peace

I plainly peered beyond my answers
and deeper still in humble mystery
and up till now, in fear of rejection
I chose to sit and sleep and lie.

But pain brought forth in master’s wonder
Delights in hope and peace and pain and grace
Further still feared disposition
Awakens call to life and death embrace


Heart sworn still with urgent memory
Of punctured soul drained blood and wound inside
And still I stand in threat of darkest danger
for you, my Lord, have led and bled surprise


I hide behind words, but not now
They see through my games as I do now.
I act like a victim without choices
I ‘lost’ soccer I say, but I could still play.
I was laid off, but I choose my job.


I swayed the room to my cause
Twenty-six people turned at my influence
We won the game at fifteen percent odds
It was with words and ideas that I won them.
My wife by my side. She led too

Deep down I feared rejection
So, I had not risked in my leadership
Now facing the same question I respond
Boldly and with all insight
I lead, I create and I risk.

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