Naught Less than Full Attempt

In Eclipse on June 19, 2008 at 5:49 am

In the beginning there was silence.
Not a deep and foreboding silence,
but nagging and impetuous.
An absence that invites questions.

The questions feel like more absence.
Hollow and familiar.
Self-focused, preoccupied and consumed.
Can words truly change the world?

Another person whose story fascinates me
Ever the observer, never the mover
My eyes look on, wanting and longing.
Still have not found.

Fragments and images, confused memories
Uncertain future and cloudy past.
Fog feigns the shrouded mind
Hoping, longing…waiting.

And words…what of them.
What of the power that lies therein.
The power to shift mens minds
The power to realign the heart.

I am open to your call
Yet I cannot answer your question
I fear him who knows how to ask questions
and let them sit in silence.

When will the question finish its work?
I cannot know till beyond the end.
Disoriented in the waiting
It seems I turn in circles.

Have we been here before?
Perhaps I have not known this place.
And longing still my constant friend
through wince and strive and strain.

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