In Poetry on June 19, 2008 at 5:45 am

It was not met with walls or bricks or solid things
But the subtle subversion of fluid ideas
A current of calm underpinnings
Cleverly placed to pervade my prize.

Softer still the opposition wore me down
Wondering how I ever began this quest so boldly
And her I lie, stolen with words
And distracted by frequent reminders of violence.

My wife was there too.  One minute a distraction
The next, my greatest supporter.
I hate being naked.  I hide from it.
My greatest injustice to conceal my value from others.

Love too was there to welcome me into mediocrity
At least the kind of love I am used to describing.
A little dazzle, a little dance
And I, full of myself, have forgotten the larger picture.

Temptation tries to pull me from others.
From their counsel, from their feedback
From the very structure that stills my soul
It tells me, “I am alone after all.”

Daily challenge of reckless abandon
Receiving the pierces that save my life.
I am blind. I am poor. I am full.
I am chosen. I am appointed.  I am called.


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