Inclination to Eye Sight

In Wise Eyes on June 25, 2008 at 2:53 am

I went to the streets to listen – unfettered of my own reliance on my eyesight and my own isolating privacy.  I desired wisdom; to hear it calling in the streets, crying in the public square and shouting at the city gates.  Today, I visited main steet Huntington beach.  I marvelled in my own anonymity.  As is often the case, it was quite the challenge to go about this task of listening.  My own proclivity toward other ends often frustrates my attempts.  Some distractions include the desire to eat, sleep, busy myself with other activities (which would feel easier, but less on target).  This afternoon’s attempt was no different.

My first observation was how much difficulty I had in closing my eyes to listen.  My own reliance on my eye sight for security struck me.  How much more difficult for me to close my eyes and listen!  As I examined this fear of closing my eyes, I came to realize that I was most afraid of someone I knew (perhaps from my HB church) to see me and question my motives.  It was as if I would feel exposed for such a pursuit.  Can you relate to wanting to be able to see things to believe them?

I was also afraid of not being able to see someone from a distance.  This tapped into my own desire to be prepared for anything.  I noticed conversations and what people said to others.  The girl next to me made comments about her new ‘promotion’, which seemed to suggest her value to someone.  The person responded that “there is nothing better than loving your job.”  I want that same sense of value.  I see myself in these comments; wanting to be noticed and acknowledged.  What are some ways that you are communicating a desire to be noticed?

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