Living with tension

In Politick on June 25, 2008 at 10:38 pm

As I came in to work yesterday, I listened to Dr. Dobson’s ‘defense’ against Barack Obama’s commentary.  The clips that he played were from 2003 (I believe).  He set himself up in a very defensive posture and misrepresented Barack’s statements.

It seemed that Obama set up a couple points of tension, which Dr. Dobson did not pick up on.  Dr. Dobson used the word ‘equate’ in reference to Obama’s associating his name with Al Sharpton.  I perceived Obama to be setting up a tension between two polar opposites.  The only ‘equating’ that occurred was that both Dobson and Sharpton are representatives of a diverse Christian faith.

I notice my own tendency to pull away from the tension of seemingly opposing ideas (E.g. homosexual community being marginalized as modern day lepers).  Do you feel the tension in this implication?

Also, I am prone to only hearing that which I understand.  Keeping a frenetic pace through my day does not afford me time to wonder about things.  It eliminates the tension of mystery.  So often, I am finishing the story in my head.  Can you resonate with these tensions?

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