Son Song

In Poetry on July 2, 2008 at 12:40 am


To have felt the pain of a father, whose son has turned his back.
Feeling the gaze of those before you.  You must choose, but you do not like it.
I cannot make his decisions for him, for he is not mine.
And yet he was from birth, under my care and protection.
Now, he chooses on his own.  How to bridge the gap.

I want him to know of the danger and take the right path.
He will be wounded as I must see.  But he will learn.
For I cannot change him on my own.  I have tried to no avail.
His ways are stubborn, just as my own; experience neglected prevents sound decisions.  Only by choosing, can he know.  Oh but to spare pain.  His and my own.


And mother with tears and loyalty does not disregard.
The cry of the son to have his own freedom and decisions.
Many have been my ways, to sway him to my sight.
But he presses on to live on his own; autonomous and cold.
I hate and I love; conflicted, I am in paradox.
To nuture is to hold, but to free is to release.  Does he not need both?

So sweet you were, when I first took up your care.
Your playfulness did not seem like indiscretion.
I fear for your harm.  And I fear for mine too.  I could not bear your loss.
Where in heaven is this sweet voice sung.  To reason without God.
In reason I received you and in reason I must release you.


What others have despised as decadent, I loose to call living.
Some have called this license, but I say I must truly know.
And when I have been wayward, some would not permit it.
Others have waited in patient prayer; knowing the inevitable.
Full of peace and power, these have purposed a time such as this.

Attractive are they that live without restriction.
In power prevail against obstructions and strongholds.
But, I do not have this; discipline in rank.
Who can I trust; to look up to; to emulate with abandon?
I have been cut and included to be remembered and valued.


And the symphony of others proclaims that he faces many dangers.
But, we also believe him to be equal to the dangers!
And he shall not fail, for he is more noble now than ever before.
Under me, he is not free.  But one day I hope to walk by his side.
And our fear for him shall be kept in our prayers, before our Lord’s throne.

  1. I am so proud of the effort you are putting into it. You are stepping off without knowing where the ground is. I love you!

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