Brookhurst, Babel and Westminster

In Wise Eyes on July 12, 2008 at 7:51 pm

Surrounded by strange Vietnamese symbols in Westminster’s ‘Little Saigon’, I felt a peculiar sense of peace like coming home.  I was caught up in the mystery of a different culture, the bustling street corner, and the smell of baguettes and sweet meats.  I discovered Lee’s sandwiches when I was in college.  It feels like being temporarily transported to another country.  It has a similar feel of that of travelling.  This sense of mystery goes along with the tension that Lindsay and I have discussed in the past.  Somehow, as she observed, I am at my best when I am off balance, out of my comfort zone, and engaged in the tension.

As I stood on the street corner, I could not help but wonder about the Tower of Babel.  People had gathered from everywhere in collective effort to build a tower that reached to the heavens.  About that time, God brought the gift of different tongues or languages to us earth-dwellers.  I could not help but wonder if God gave us those languages to renew a sense of mystery within us about the world in which we lived.  We could have capably built a tower to reach into heaven, but perhaps God had a little more mystery yet for us.


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