In Speaking into the Silence on July 14, 2008 at 7:51 pm

I’m in no mood for a formal piece this evening, so I will just ‘shoot from the hip’.  I have spent the last several work days finishing work as soon as possible, so that I can get to the real excitement of my research of Montaigne.  I am revisiting a college paper; retracing my previous steps with writing.  So, I write shorter emails, delegate more frequently, and hurry through tasks at work.  I hope to find space to read, reflect and consider the words of Montaigne.

The author is symbolic for me; because, he is tightly attached with a turning point shift in college. Namely, I wrote a searing, dogmatic and frankly careless response to his essays.  I expounded upon his incomplete theologies and vain musings.  Ironically, these arguments exposed my unfamiliarity with the author.  Turns out Montaigne was extremely popular for engaging skepticism, so as to draw people into discussions of faith.  Interestingly enough, something I now aspire to do.  So, I criticized the author whose role in culture I desire to resume.

Moving on, I have been reading a book by Martin Dugard called Chasing Lance as if I were sipping a glass of evening wine.  I read this story about the Tour de France during the month of July, which is the very month of the tour itself.  I have caught myself the last couple of evenings walking out to the street called Warner by our apartment.   I soak in all of the details like I was Dugard himself.  I take notice of the colors of the setting sun, the whispy clouds in the high foreground, and the wind through the eucalyptus over the golf course.  This evening, I stood for about ten minutes just mesmerized by a spider casting its web in the evening shadows.  It continued around and around as if it had been on its course for eternity.  It did not seem concerned that its creation might not last very long.  It simply spun.

  1. I wish I could have joined you while watching spiders spin.

  2. Soaking in the details of nature…and in SoCal, no less. Well done!

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