Sushi and Asahi

In Eclipse on July 21, 2008 at 1:14 pm

Usually, I have to spend some time on Monday recapping my weekend.  It is not that I am always busy, I just think being out of work and more flexible with my time, my mind is a bit lethargic when trying to remember.  Oh yes, now it is coming back!  Saturday was filled with a ‘shopping day’ in Carlsbad’s outlet center.  We started about 10 am and did not finish until 11pm that night.  Throw in a lunch with my g-parents at 1:30, extended time in Banana Republic, and some sushi at the end; all in all, I would say it was a successful day!  The salmon with Asahi really hit the spot.

I spent Sunday recovering from the shopping venture and all of the week’s writing.  I found peace in re-reading some of Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz.  I also vegged out to some of the original Batman starring Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton.  It is amazing how far the franchise has come.  I heard several great reviews of The Dark Knight.  In one review, I heard that Heath Ledger, not Christian Bale, is the star of the movie.  Very intersting.  Lindsay and I will check it out with some friends on Tuesday evening in Hollywood’s Arclight theater.  This will be my first movie experience where I reserved my seats like on an airplane.

Lindsay’s bday is on Wednesday and my brother, Nathan, turns 21 on Friday.  My other brother, Cree, and I will take him skydiving.  Then, it is onto the Comic-Con for some people watching.  I have never been, but I am excited to go with one friend who is a graphic artist and another who frequents the Comic-Con.  Friday will find many individuals dressed as their favorite Star Wars characters.  Should be a very action packed and fun week.

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