In Speaking into the Silence on July 24, 2008 at 12:21 pm

My heart was racing as we drove down Hollywood Blvd.  We had ten minutes to the showing of The Dark Knight at Arclight, which does not seat people after the movie began.  With a five-minute drive and who knows how long to park in the five-story garage, we were not sure we would make it.  Of course, we had not been rushed at JR’s fifth-story studio.  After we were buzzed in we walked through the empty lobby to a three step landing with burgandy carpet.  We stood among the pillars of what looked like an old ballroom.  The finish was cracked now, with chandeliers hanging over empty spaces.

The elevator had cracked flooring and a capacity for about seven.  We took the stairs to the fifth floor.  Upon entering the studio, I was surrounded by books.  Two walls were lined floor to ceiling with volumes of theology, travel books and ancient texts.  Ten volumes of Karl Barth resting on the shelf behind my head reminding me of Victoria Silver’s editions of Luther. 

I talked about writing with a friend of JR’s named Matt.  When I mentioned my interest in children’s literature and Madeleine L’Engle, JR presented me with a copy of Matt’s recently published book.  After Zondervan’s publishing page, Matt had dedicated the book to none other than Madeleine L’Engle.  So, I enjoyed meeting someone of similar literary tastes. 

From our bookish conversations we walked down the street to a Thai restaurant (in the middle of Thai town).  The Pad Thai had a sweet taste, while the other dish we ordered was spicy; a very nice balance.  Lingering a little too long on mealtime conversations, we found ourselves racing down the street with ten minutes left to close of theater doors.  We were not excited to find the parking structure crammed with other Dark Knight viewers.  Can you imagine the anxiety level with everyone trying to make the same showing?

After running down some flights of stairs (nice job ladies!) we made it to the entrance as they were accepting the last few.  I think it was grace time because the previews had begun.  Regardless, the building tension in my torso continued into the movie.  I would attribute the extra tension to Heath Ledger’s unpredictable character.

Arclight’s dome offered a fun, herded experience to viewing the movie.  During the previews, black lights surrounding the large honey-combed, dome ceiling.  Many viewers stayed through all the credits savoring the crews and contributors to the film; no doubt close friends.  All in all, it was a great night; well worth the adventure.  Even though JR’s apartment was filled with books, I did not let this intellectual tendency fool me.  Adventure and interesting people are drawn to JR.


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