Long live national public radio!

In Speaking into the Silence on August 14, 2008 at 7:52 am

I love listening to NPR on my commute!  Where else can I hear such a diversity of fascinating stories?  This morning, I learned about an LA county sheriff of the ‘Twin Towers’ psychiatric ward, who believes that jails are not the proper place for the mentally ill.  Because their crimes are often tied to their mental disorders, individuals with certain mental illnesses often wind up in the prison system. 

Next, it was on to a new author in their series of murder mysteries.  I’ll be honest; I am not fascinated by murder mysteries, but this was a quality author.  His writing began with a fascination of the Ottoman Empire.  Currently, he sets his murder mysteries in an ancient re-creation of Constantinople.  The journalists from NPR contended that the backdrop cities of murder mysteries become a sort of character in the way they contribute to the plot.  I could not help but enjoy the association with one of my favorite books – Byzantium.  One of the characters in the palace guard, Justin said, “[In Byzantium] suspicion is the dagger in your hand and the shield at your back.” That’s good stuff!

In other news, I am planning on writing a piece for  For the sake of clarity, I want to pitch the story by Friday, 8/22.  My focus will be on ‘authority’ as it pertains to the 20-something age group.  I will keep you posted as the story develops.


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