In Speaking into the Silence on August 14, 2008 at 3:45 pm

Donald Miller talks about using our hands to compress the bleeding wound of the world.  I have been thinking about this today, expending my passion on all sorts of extraneous injustice.  Workers were sent home today without pay.  In addition, those who have “Paid Time Off’ banked up, had to use it.  Three people were fired in the last two days.  Apparently, there are more ‘terminations’ to come.

Economic times in the US are hitting pretty low.  People are tightening; spending less to go to the movies and restaurants.  People are timid to make large retail purchases.  What about the flooding in India?  It is easy to disregard the pain when it is not on my doorstep.  I’m just in an overall depressive mood.  Perhaps, I have been buying into a version of happiness that did not include suffering.   Maybe, I have wanted a savior that did not die. 

I have been praying one of the prayers I saw on my buddy’s blog site (  In the fashion of the emergent movement, he occasionally references formal prayers of church forefathers.  The line from the prayer was, “Help me to keep death before my eyes.”  I like this line; because, it was a reminder of the brevity of life.  Now, I am replaying the tape.  This is not a feel good prayer.  It is a prayer of entering into suffering.  It lends ear to the pain in the world.  I wonder if God has been allowing me to see a bit more of the pain he sees and feels.  

The difficult realities of suffering and pain bring my values to the surface real quick.  It is not a matter of my career or of the current slump in the economy.  The question is, “How do I want to engage with the reality of pain and suffering?”  Maybe, the best I can do is to place my hands on the bleeding.

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