Life and Times after Breakingthrough

In Onward on September 17, 2008 at 6:42 am

After the four day seminar, I came back home dancing!  I had rediscovered freedom in my career and relationships.  I went through the experiencial training with 22 other participants and about ten team members.  We shared a story together.  It was like taking a cross-country road trip together.  We saw each other without our guards, without our masks, and without our makeup (metaphorically speaking, of course).  Our time together came to an end.  It was so impacted that the last couple of days I just wanted to stay there…in the seminar experience.

Going back to work, I realized that I was giving my boss more than he bargained for with my account of the weekend.  I shared the experiences and insights with great animation.  However, wanting to preserve the potency of my words, I am inclined to be more reserved about the experience; like a deep well, whose water must be drawn out.

I find myself fighting.  This weekend was bigger than some mere set of principles to be relayed to others; a forty second sales pitch.  It was a depthful experience that displayed through my living, but not described.  In my urgency, I would demand ‘serenity now’ or ‘peace with everyone now’.  But, the greater work I have to do involves giving.  Giving with my actions.  I display the revolution by being a friend when it is not comfortable.  The colors of my revolution are creativity and patience.  The results of this revolution are displayed in those around.  Am I giving deeper connection, authenticity and service?

Long have my companions waited to see this change.  Many have been astounded by the difference.  Creating this book is an act of persistence.  May it be a source of courage to those closest.  At work, I have been loosing my hold of responsibilities; places I have staked claim for my own security.  Rather, I am extending these duties to others as possibilities for their growth.  Whereas before I held onto them tightly, now I am free to receive the new opportunities!  Already my generosity with supplies has been turning some heads.  Also, my desk has acquired new visuals, pictures and projects.  There is life and freedom at work too.

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