Into the Wild Woods

In Onward on September 18, 2008 at 9:32 pm

Continuing to push forward in my dreams of writing, I am met with resistance.  This is not overt resistance in the form of rejected writing or writer’s block.  I am met with resistance in the forms of busyness and diversion.  My intensity by corporate-day has mounted because I have an end date in mind.  I pour my energy into daily busyings and people investments.  I have been developing two very similar teams of people.  While I enjoy the role of servant leadership, I am taking bold moves and risks in the way I engage people.

At home, I juggle rejuvinating workouts with house fixes and writing goals.  Today, I forced myself to put a house project on hold, so that I could relax by taking a run around Central park (yes…this is how I relax) and then finished the last chapters of  Dugards “Surviving the Toughest Race on Earth”.  I have taken comfort in the association; Dugard chronicles his leaving the corporate realm in pursuit of his writing dreams.  He becomes swept up in the world of adventure writing as he covers endurance competitions all over the world.

Stepping out into the ‘wild woods’ of freelance writing, I could not thing of a more satisfying or demanding pursuit (for me).  At this point, chasing after ‘higher education’ would feel predictable…even relegating.  The uncertainty of freelance writing beckons me forward.  I am drawn to the unknown, the uncharted, the creative.

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