Heroes Come Lately

In Faintly Fiction on September 25, 2008 at 8:53 am

Nothing like a few days break to remind me of resistance.  Frankly, I have not wanted to get into the chair.  It was as if I was holding the task of writing at a distance, looking at it like some neglected child.  Moving on…

Last night, a casual ride with a friend turned into a 35 mile bike ride.  First, I rode to his apartment.  I think he was expecting a beach cruiser.  He got the Whitiger complete with helmet and spandex!  I had a fun ride around back bay with him.  I was excited to hear about a breakthrough he was having in his career.  It is great to see him make headway after months of applications, interviews and failed attempts.  Failing gloriously!  No better way to do it, I guess…and then, to prevail.

His perseverence encourages me.  Writing reminds me of that huge stone ball in Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  It is like that bolder sitting on a flat sidewalk.  I try with all my might to get the ball rolling.  Once it is rolling, it is pretty hard to stop.  Writing is an activity of perseverence like budging that boulder from stand still.  Sure, I was an athlete in college.  Sure, I had many exciting opportunities that came along the way (traveling, playing with two regional teams, etc.).  But, in many ways, I was keeping a boulder moving.  I had already generated a lot of momentum.  So, writing is a different test of strength.  (Sorry if the metaphor became muddled.)

In other news, my favorite TV show Heroes returned on Monday night.  It was two hours of unmitigated, plot explosion!  It seemed like all their ideas became bottled up with the writer’s strike.  Monday night gave the writers an opportunity to come back in full force!  There were so many unsuspected twists and turns.  Having followed the show for the last couple years, my buddy and I kept looking at each other in shock of new possibilities that opened up.  His fiance joined us, but she had not seen the show before.  He did his best to catch her up to speed.  She was asleep before the two hours were up.  Meanwhile, my buddy and I were quite alert.

I still have not heard about my article for Relevant.  I emailed the editor today, hoping for some feedback.  Madeleine L’Engle was right when she said that all writers like their work to be read.  Regardless of being paid for the article, I would like to know that it is reaching readers.  In reading her book, Circle of Quiet, I am quite convinced of paradox in writing.  I experience connection and exposure; involvement and detachment; heroism and bravado.  It is at once an activity that is rewarding and yet excruciating.  Simply splediculous!

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