The Great Wave

In Onward on October 7, 2008 at 2:50 am

My Breakthrough Crew met this last weekend for the first time.  For those of you who are not familiar with Breakthrough, it is a four day seminar conducted by ACCD – Association for Christian Character Development.  The training is designed to create a dramatic shift in limiting belief systems – aka transformation.  Mainly, the training is experiential and interactive with a trainer and fellow participants.

All that to say, I am honored to serve on a team.  I went through the seminar about a month ago and I look forward to re-engaging with the material, while serving others in the same.  The team settled on an icon to represent the experience we want to create: a wave.  A great wave, in fact.  Our tag line is: Riding Life’s Wave with Courage and Boldness.  We are using the famous Japanese painting, called The Great Wave, as a visual for this idea.  We want to go big!

Strange story…a coworker approached me today about a dream he had.  Joe is a thirty-something pharmacist with a family history in Christianity, but current practice in Buddhism.  While he is very calm and collected, I connect most with Joe on a very intuitive level.  By this I mean that we both see hidden meanings in the world, constantly drawing associations, and having a tendency toward the abstract.  So, there is my tee-up.  He shares that he dreamed I was riding a large wave, like the ‘big wave’ surfers in Hawaii.  Before I realized it, the wave broke early right on top of me.  Joe and his friends watched helplessly as the wave continued to pummel me down and down…deep into the ocean.  I am reminded of the Lifehouse lyrics, “I know you didn’t bring me out here to drown. / So, why am I six feet under and upside down?”  Neither Joe nor I were certain what to make of the dream.  I appreciated his sharing.  Dreams have a mysterious connectedness about them.

Going back to the team, I will be serving most of the administrative needs (e.g. printing and prepping documentation).  My role is not unlike my role at work, catering to my strengths in administration and leadership.  Mostly, I think this team role will stretch me.  We are to enroll participants.  Not sell, but enroll; a difference I am still distinguishing.  I believe my big test will be surrendering my agenda and being totally focused on the needs and desires of those I approach.  I hope to open up possibilities through the conversations.  As mentioned before, this will require that I am dynamic and flexible in my notion of how I think the conversations ‘should’ go.  I am excited about the possibility of being more dynamic with people.

  1. dude i love ur blog and that is my most favorite of all the ‘great wave’ pics i have seen! God is so mysterious!

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