Dark Lance

In Eclipse on October 14, 2008 at 11:48 am

So, I had this dream last night about Lance Armstrong.  As a matter of fact, Lance Armstrong had decided to use his racing abilities to steal large amounts of money and then race away from the cops.  Though being his venerable sidekick, I was not without my own notoriety. 

I played the part of Handsome Rob (from the Italian Job).  To add to my driving skills, I also had magnetic powers like a character from Heroes.  So, for instance, when we were in a casino, I could magnetically draw coins to myself.  For no apparent reason, there were loose coins underneath several of the slot machines.  Using my magnetic forces, I was able to draw the coins together to be the size of a remote control car.  Then, I drew them across the room descreetly (all magnetically of course).

Here was the trick.  I drew the loose coins up the sleeves of my finely-tailored Italian suit (with a loose-fitting and unbottoned club shirt).  The magnetized coins stuck to my back underneath my shirt.  Then, Dark Lance and I made our exit, while security began to take note of the coins that had made their way up my sleeves.

This sequence played out several times (maybe three) in different casino/club environments.  The wierd thing was that we always parked in a parking garage.  We put ourselves into a trap every time.  Confident, I suppose, of our ability to escape.  One time I had a sporty car, and the next I had a monster truck.  In each case, security came dashing around the corner on foot while we sped away.  I am not sure what Dark Lance’s role was, but he was not using his racing for good.  That was for sure.

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