Hitting the Target

In Eclipse on October 16, 2008 at 8:52 pm

A couple of nights ago, I was shooting good ole English Darts with my father-in-law.  Having a tendency toward playful competition, he continued egging me on about my shots.  It could be as small as asking what my score was, clarifying which number I was on, or even just making a sound when I missed a shot.  In the midst of his adversarial jests, I noticed my propensity to focus on what I did not want.  For instance, I would focus on how far off my previous shot had been.  I would set my eyes on where I had been, rather than what I wanted to hit.

On the last round I was going for the red bullseye.  This was inside the green circle.  It was the red inner circle (if you will).  I came to a point where I was so focused on the mark, that I could not think about the surrounding numbers, comments being made, or my previous shots.  All that mattered was the mark for which I was aiming.

Today, I supported a flu shot clinic and a costume contest at work.  Afterward, I held a meeting for some of my coworkers to announce my leaving next month.  It feels strangely appropriate to discuss my intentions to write.  During difficult economic times, I am in fact stepping away from a job.  But bigger than my stepping away, is that which I hope to accomplish.  I must continually focus on the task at hand: to write and write well.  Quite the tension!  It reminds me of the dart game.  It is easy to set my gaze on my previous jobs, what I have done and accomplished.  But, frankly, my previous jobs have not hit the mark that I aspire to hit.

Now, despite all the chatter, all my own conflicted opinions about the move and the downward turn of our economy, I am confident that I must make this attempt.  I may only have one shot at the target, but why not aim with all my attention and focus.  And then, to fail gloriously, I can aim for the mark again.  It is a greater way to live than in the fear of missing.

  1. Yeah, but did you hit the target with my Dad?!

  2. Sure did! Red bulls-eye.

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