Sugar Comma

In Uncategorized on October 19, 2008 at 8:08 pm

I went to a Young Couples Coffee Shop last night.  It was my (our) first one, so I did not know what to expect.  It was a new attempt at our church to connect young couples.  There were two Starbucks baristas (thanks Keeli and Deborah!), serving lattes, chai teas, soymilk grande-frappa-half calves…ok focus.  There were 2-3 bands that took to the stand in the back yard, including an acoustical performance by Brian Deshaun (phenomenal).  The band stand was alongside a blue-lit pool surrounded by lawn/deck chairs.  There was a dining table covered with chocolate-covered strawberries, rice crispy treats, chocolate-dipped macaroons, brownies and sugared chocolate chip cookies!  Basically, a spread of chocolatey goodness.

I sat for about three minutes on the patio with the amplified music before I told my wife I was going inside.  I wanted to meet new couples.  Sitting in the loud music was not creating the opportunity for conversations, so I went inside.  I connected with the first person in the doorway, whom I will call Sheri, was an artist and MFA student in Orange County.  Our conversation led into my writing, which brought her husband, that I will call John, into the conversation.  As a high school English teacher and Cal English grad, John was keenly interested in writing.  However, he had some obstacles to writing in the way he wanted.

As my conversation with John grew, I noticed that he was drawing towards me as if in a real inquiry.  His questions considered times that he had written.  He noted that he had been absorbed in writing that provided a level of structure.  However, he did not know how to start with a blank slate.

Eventually, other people started to enter into the conversation.  Another friend stuck up a conversation about my writing and said he would be glad to proofread for me.  “I’m good with commas,” he told me with a grin.  I told him that would be a great tagline and suggested that he mispell comma as coma.  Then, I mentioned to John that we could call an online writing forum the Sugar Comma, but strike through one of the m’s so that it looked like Coma.  Then, it could pull in the whole coffee/sugar venue with the writing.  So, seeing others draw near me in my vision of writing was fun.  Plus, Sugar Comma represents a new possibility for collaboration.  I recognize my need to interact with other writers, in order to strengthen my writing (and hone my craft).  Even though the name is a work in progress, the idea for a writing forum has registered.

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