Last Day, First Day

In Speaking into the Silence on December 3, 2008 at 2:24 pm

Yesterday was my last day at my job of two years.  It was a day spent writing Thank You cards, tying up loose ends with projects and saying goodbye.  I had a going away lunch with one of the teams with which I have worked closely.  And ultimately, I packed up my bag to leave.

I am excited on two fronts; both being a writer, but also supporting the Breakthrough training this weekend.  Although today is the first day of ‘stepping into writing’.  It is also new with the Breakthrough training.  My life has been changed from paralysis to moving forward boldly.  I am excited to stand with others as they take new ground in their lives.

As far as my writing, I have written 20 of 100 pages with Drenian.  I need to work on the tagline.  In describing the story, I have called it a ‘Coming-of-age story for a young man’, which is like the textbook version.  I want the tagline to connect quickly.  I would go to a textbook for information, but not connection.  My story is about a young man named Drenian, who lives near the mythical city of Alandria.  His father disappeared two years earlier.  After a shaman tells him a story about a band of warriors that live in the mountains, he decides to seek them out; thinking they may have something to do with his father’s disappearance.  The story covers mystical terrain as the boy pieces together clues about his father’s disappearance and in the process becomes a man.

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