What its like to be a Writer

In Eclipse on December 9, 2008 at 8:42 pm

Two days after the Breakthrough Training and I am starting to feel the effects of a long, rest-strained weekend.  I was very encouraged by the shift in all the participants.  The change in their faces and level of hope was a huge pay-off for all the work I had put in over the last couple of months.

Apart from recuperating from the training that my life has been heavily invested in, I am faced with the challenge of entering in to being a writer.  Technically, I reserved Monday-Wednesday of this week to recuperate.  But, I am eager to move forward with the story of Alandria.  I spent this morning re-sketching the ‘architecture’ of the story.  Currently, I have a sketch of the story on 3×5 cards, but I started a time line of events.  This will help me keep my eye on the whole picture, while I write each scene.

I am also dedicating some time to reading books…currently working on L’Engle’s Circle of Quiet and Young’s The Shack.  To stand in my writing commitment, I ordered some business cards, which arrived last Saturday.  So, I continue to stand in my commitment to re-shape culture through writing.

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