Interrupting the Story

In Onward on December 11, 2008 at 11:43 am

The last few days, I have become aware of my ultimate need for discipline in my writing.  Having played soccer in college, I know what it is like to be disciplined.  As I press on with my story of Alandria, I find that I am very undisciplined as a writer.  It is a whole new area in which I need to be disciplined.  Old habits, while familiar, will not expand my capacity as a writer.

Last night, I watched two more episodes from the first season of 24.  I am enjoying the story; however, I am a bit annoyed at the lack of closure at the end of each episode.  But, it’s ok.  I’m doing the work.  Sitting down to write seems monumental in nature.  It is not the same as showing up at the office at 8am (ok 8:05) every morning.  This whole new discipline is tough.

Today, I have a job interview at 12:30pm.  The position will pay well at 30 hours per week.  While I am at peace about taking this position, I am still anxious about whether or not I will be disciplined enough to write.  My focus these next several months is on my commitment to finish the book.  This is a similar anxiety that I have known in the past.

I just spent a few minutes speaking with my wife – an interruption to my writing.  And it was a welcomed interruption too.  Through our conversation, I was challenged to think of writing like going to a new job.  There is a learning curve and I cannot expect to be in a full rhythm on my first day.  (She is very graceful)  As the weeks go by, I anticipate becoming more familiar with my rhythm in writing.  In addition, I anticipate the new job will be part of the process.  Interruptions must be a part of the story.  They draw the characters out of the narrowness of their expectations and into a larger story.

  1. Hey Josh,
    I’m in the process of writing my master’s thesis. I’ve found that writing is a lot more difficult for me than doing the research was. Although both are more difficult than having a job that provides a community to be accountable to and a solid structure, the creativity of writing still is a more daunting task.

    I appreciate your wife’s words. I’ll have to remember to give myself grace as I find my rhythm in writing. I often think I can criticize myself into writing, but that seldom works. I have to keep up the vision of what the project means to me.

    I’ll be thinking about you as I try to write for 5 hours today…

    El Curtido

    P.S. I hope the rain calms down by Friday, otherwise our hike will be a mud trudging affair.

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