On the Go

In Onward on January 7, 2009 at 1:00 pm

Writing this week has been coupled with my part time job being on the fritz.  ‘On the fritz’ is different than on the ‘To do’ list, but it leaves more uncertainty.  In the midst of this change of events, I cannot help but consider putting more emphasis on my writing.  I am concocting another piece for (I did not hear back from them about my last piece a couple of months ago).  Oh well, just an opportunity for renewed confidence, persistence and guts!

I have spent the past couple mornings sipping teas in a local Starbucks.  This morning I turned in an application to the manager, Rose, who kindly stated she would be making calls in February.  Yesterday, I began with Earl Grey and 3/4 pack of honey.  Today, I ventured out into the Zen tea, risking exposure to any kind of buddhist mojo  (perhaps only unveiling presumptions about Buddhism).

I made my way through 5 more chapters of Sacred Text (another name for Scriptures).   Alongside my reading, I could not help but hear a heated cell phone conversation at the table next to me.  A petite Asian woman with an open iBook forced accusations toward the caller, who I found out later was her ex-husband.  They had been married six years and divorced four.

I’m off to the library to check out the newspaper alongside the Sacred Text.  There must be some common threads. ~J

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