Circle of Study

In Eclipse on January 20, 2009 at 3:49 pm

No sooner did I finish Hemingway’s book than I am checking out two new ones today!  Actually, I just finished two books: both The Sun Also Rises and Circle of Quiet.  L’Engle’s book was a reflective and creative book that I enjoyed picking up sporadically.  It was recommended to me by Matt Rogers, a writer that works closely with students on campus at Virginia Tech.  After his recommendation, a friend of mine handed me Matt’s recently published book.  Being that he was published, a man of few words and I had recently finished Madeleine L’Engles Wrinkle in time series, it was a short sell to get me to read about her ‘writing life’.  I found her book at a used book store, at which I have credit from trading in unused books.  (excuse the pun)

Onward.  The two books I picked were Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Kamazarov and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ Relato de un Naufrago.  While I am hopeful about the high literary recomendation of TBK, I was a bit daunted by the 750 page doorstop with a tatered book cover.  I will not relegate it to a doorstop.  However, I hope it keeps my attention.  The latter book by Garcia Marquez is a revisitation for me.  I read his works (in English) while in an AP Spanish Lit class in high school.  The class was mostly an experiment with an outstanding teacher, one of my favorites, Mrs. Dogruyusever (Turkish name, in case you were wondering).  I borrowed this book in attempt to ‘brush up’ on my Spanish for the tutoring jobs I have landed.  Right now, I am working with six elementary age students in the Santa Ana district.  Speaking Spanish is a perk, but I would like to refresh on learning that I have formerly invested in.   Here’s to you, Mrs. D!

The remainder of the afternoon, I will continue to compile my information for the Relevant piece on which I have been working.  I am spending some time exploring ‘riches’ in the lives of past saints.  I thought this would be an unlikely reading on the state of our economy.  To what practices, did the ancient masters ascribe?  Right now, I’m going back old school 400 A.D.  A man living in Northern Africa.  To the art of Study.  I am curious, what have you been studying in the midst of these economic times?


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