Re-Purposed in Freedom

In Spirit of the Disciplines on February 13, 2009 at 9:33 am

“Somehow the human species has an extraordinary knack for taking the best teaching and turning it to the worst ends.  Nothing can put people into bondage like religion…The purpose of the [spiritual] disciplines is freedom.  Our aim is the freedom, not discipline.  The moment we make the discipline our central focus, we turn it into law and lose the corresponding freedom.”  ~Richard Foster

Discipline has been a big theme for me in the past weeks.  Richard Foster’s words reminded me of the cost of true freedom.  Even in our country I see a need for ‘self-government’.  That is, the power of each individual to govern himself in areas of spending, giving, contentment, etc.  As Foster denotes, religion or discipline can easily become binding rules if my aim is not freedom.  My submission in spiritual disciplines (like prayer, contemplation, study, etc.) must continually be re-purposed in freedom.

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