Conversations in Motion

In Onward on February 20, 2009 at 11:32 pm

“Running is prayer for me,” the middle-aged man in the white coat told me.  “When I’m moving I feel it in my core.”  It was my first visit to the chiropractor (as a patient).  I could not tell if he was making the statements as to build a bridge or if there was something else.  A passion that could only come from deep love.  I could not help but feel like our conversation about spirituality was like two chess players feeling each other out with their first few moves.

“Kind of like Orthodox Jews at the wailing wall.”  I moved my piece.  His eyes lit up.  “That never occurred to me.  They are moving at the wall.  And I grew up Jewish; was bar-mitzvahed and everything.”  Then, he delivered the final move, “That could be the subject of one of your books – Prayer Movement.”

“Interesting,” I mused.  One hour earlier, I had met a published writer and athlete in the waiting room.  “Everything happens for a reason,” she reassured me, after a mutually interesting conversation.  I had given her my business card, one of the spares I keep in my wallet, which I have been replacing frequently lately.  It’s interesting how many people have been for me in this pursuit of writing.


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