Forward Action

In Onward on February 26, 2009 at 11:58 am

I was looking for a book called Fierce Conversations recommended to me by a friend on the subject of life coaching.  Life coaching, if you are not familiar with it, is a form of counsel that is focused on the future.  It is less concerned with past hurt and more oriented toward forward action.

As I looked for this book, I had an idea that has been familiar to me over the years when I am in the library.  “I wonder if someone is watching me according to the section I am in?  Am I about to stumble upon great secrets of wealth, fame and notoriety?”  Such was the thinking.  I was curious about that thought though.  To some extent I believe that education can be a huge investment into the future.  It is through the books that I decide to read and study that I am becoming the kind of man who can tackle the future.

I was not able to find that book or another for which I was searching.  I was thinking in my head that it would be funny if the title of the book I was looking for was called, “How to Keep an Idiot Busy.”  I kept playing the conversation forward in my head until I was asking a secretary for assistance.  I let the internal comment slip hoping that she would find amusement.  After I let it out, I hope that she did not think she was the ‘idiot’ I was asking to do the searching.  I stumbled over an apology as she took me to find the books.  One of them was in pre-shelving; the other was in the correct location.  Maybe pre-shelving is the area being monitored?


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