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Daily Declaration

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Last night, I attended a transformational workshop in Irvine.  Sound suspect?  Well, maybe it is.  Once in a while, I realize what an intrusion the word ‘transformation’ is to the common vernacular.  More recently, it has been a word that I fling around casually, pretending that it need not raise an eyebrow.  So, ‘what is transformation?’ you might ask.  Is that the same as growth?  Transformation is being entirely new.  It is not merely a variation.  Rather, transformation is an identity overhaul, which comes about from actions flowing out of shifted beliefs.

What did I gain from the workshop last night?  In my continual efforts to be clear about my commitments, I was reminded of the power of declaration on a daily basis.  What if I was committed to being brave and authentic in my day today?  How could that shift the overall trajectory of my life?  I am committed to getting clear daily about my goals and how I am being made new!

I declare that I am a brave and authentic leader.  I am committed to writing my book, coaching with excellence and connecting with family/friends.  What are you declaring in your life today?


Turf and Tan

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For all my straining to have a vision for the future, I was reminded last night about how simply vision comes.  Reminds me of Forest Gump working his way through life.  Work hard.  Love well.  Be different.  I would rather, at the end of my life, be amazed at the diversity of experiences I’ve had, than have lived in the security of a daily routine.  How much better to live with adventure, uncertainty and mystery!

Onward.  Lindsay and I are going to the desert this afternoon.  (Not to be confused with dessert!  English can be so wierd.)  Rancho Mirage to be exact.  Our journey takes us to a golf complex condo of her parent’s friends.  Over the weekend we will be attending the Stagecoach festival, a country ordeal in the midst of Palm Desert.  I’m not a huge country music fan.  My only affinity for country came through the line-dancing.  Lindsay and I met through a group of friends while line-dancing.  I appreciate the dancing; because, there is some sort of structure and you can dance as individuals or as partners.  The music takes back seat.  So, I’m more looking forward to the beauty of the desert, than the music of the festival.  It should be an interesting experience.

Also, I get to connect with a pastor buddy who works out in Palm Springs.  He heads up the missions teams and has travelled to some remote countries.  I challenged him one time about what he would do for a living if he were not a pastor.  He said, ‘Honestly, dude.  I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.’  He drives a motorcycle and has his own beef with church and religion.  And at the same time he has a love-hate deal going on.  Interesting.

So far, I have been training once a week with my OC PDL team.  I am assistant coach with a good friend from college.  My body is feeling it today!  Many of the new fields have a turf/rubber surface that feels hard on my joints.  (Not acknowledging that I sound old).  We’ll see how my body adjusts to three trainings next week.

Connect, Challenge, Light up

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Over the past weeks, I have found a way to turn the solitari-ness of writing into a more relational experience.  My characters had been stuck for weeks in the mouth of a cave.  They were not progressing.  They were not doing anything interesting. They were just hiding from a group of wolves and sharing a meal together.  What would you do with such a block?

I reached out to a friend, who happens to be a watercolor artist.  She was able to connect with my dilemma.  I asked her to check in with me once a week to talk about the story (and keep me in my commitment to write).  Since then, I have charted out the last few chapters of my book, my characters are moving forward and I have been writing.  I’m excited!

I’m experiencing a similar challenge with a team on which I am serving.  We are promoting a character transformation seminar next month.  I have found that staying in our commitments has been a lot easier being connected to the team.  It’s important to have a team when working toward a goal.

Who do you ask in your life to support you in staying on track?