Connect, Challenge, Light up

In Uncategorized on April 23, 2009 at 9:11 am

Over the past weeks, I have found a way to turn the solitari-ness of writing into a more relational experience.  My characters had been stuck for weeks in the mouth of a cave.  They were not progressing.  They were not doing anything interesting. They were just hiding from a group of wolves and sharing a meal together.  What would you do with such a block?

I reached out to a friend, who happens to be a watercolor artist.  She was able to connect with my dilemma.  I asked her to check in with me once a week to talk about the story (and keep me in my commitment to write).  Since then, I have charted out the last few chapters of my book, my characters are moving forward and I have been writing.  I’m excited!

I’m experiencing a similar challenge with a team on which I am serving.  We are promoting a character transformation seminar next month.  I have found that staying in our commitments has been a lot easier being connected to the team.  It’s important to have a team when working toward a goal.

Who do you ask in your life to support you in staying on track?


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