Daily Declaration

In Uncategorized on April 28, 2009 at 7:31 am

Last night, I attended a transformational workshop in Irvine.  Sound suspect?  Well, maybe it is.  Once in a while, I realize what an intrusion the word ‘transformation’ is to the common vernacular.  More recently, it has been a word that I fling around casually, pretending that it need not raise an eyebrow.  So, ‘what is transformation?’ you might ask.  Is that the same as growth?  Transformation is being entirely new.  It is not merely a variation.  Rather, transformation is an identity overhaul, which comes about from actions flowing out of shifted beliefs.

What did I gain from the workshop last night?  In my continual efforts to be clear about my commitments, I was reminded of the power of declaration on a daily basis.  What if I was committed to being brave and authentic in my day today?  How could that shift the overall trajectory of my life?  I am committed to getting clear daily about my goals and how I am being made new!

I declare that I am a brave and authentic leader.  I am committed to writing my book, coaching with excellence and connecting with family/friends.  What are you declaring in your life today?

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