In Onward on July 4, 2009 at 9:30 pm

I had a massive overhaul today.  I spent my afternoon with stacks of papers and belongings that have accumulated; maps, guitar strings, college papers, many pieces of scratch paper, you get the picture.  What do I do with all these seemingly different objects?  Obviously, they have accumulated because I did not know what else to do with them.  I laid everything out on the floor in our family room, thinking that somehow these things must have something to do with my life.

As I continued to look at them, I noticed somethings were unfinished projects, while others were simply project ideas.  Some items were an attempt at organization and concerted-ness.  Other items suggested the bigger scope I desire to have in the world (i.e. maps, cultural artifacts, language interests).  After grouping them into several such categories, I promised myself to regularly reflect on things I have left undone.  What got in the way?  What would I like to be different in the future?  I will reserve space for artistic endeavors as creativity is something that gets me out of the ‘slavery to production’.

In addition to this organization, I reconstructed my blog.  I am committed to integrating the various endeavors in my life (novel writing, life coaching, faith journey), while making use of social networking (facebook, blog, twitter, etc.).  I’m excited for the last week of soccer training, as well as getting to meet with the 20s group tomorrow night.  Lindsay and I are facilitating the discussion.  We leave for Des Moines on Thursday to spend some time with my family and attend my 10 year reunion.  On top of all that, I am steadily making my way toward finishing the first draft of Alandria by Wednesday!  How exciting is that!  I anticipate a period of revision and editing with the help of friends and family; however, it is exciting to have this initial sense of closure.
I hope your 4th of July went off with a new sense of freedom!


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