George Washington Carver

In Uncategorized on July 16, 2009 at 9:38 am

Yesterday, Lindsay and I returned from Joplin, MO for a visit to her grandmother (aka Nana), her uncle Randy and grandfather, Ed.  I enjoyed seeing a more rural town.  Not only did Nana cook some excellent food, but we got to learn about the canning process (pickles, relish, green beans, etc).  My favorite part of the trip was a visit to the birthplace of George Washington Carver, a scientist, who was famous for discovering 200 practical uses for the peanut, which at the time was not well resourced.  The story goes something to the effect of the following:

Carver prayed that God would show him the purpose of life.  God spoke to him and said, “Little man, you ask too much for your little mind to understand.  Ask for something smaller.”  So, Carver again prayed that God would show him the purpose of human beings.  God responded, ” Little man, you still ask for too much.  Ask for something smaller and be more specific.”  Carver finally asked, “God, what is the purpose of the peanut.”  And God obliged to show him.

I love this story, partly because it confirms my hypothesis that peanut butter is God’s favorite food.  Carver was an amazing man of faith.  He saw his mission as extending his love of studying plants to the poor by finding innovative ways to feed the hungry.  He was immensely resourceful and very prayerful in his exploration.  He was a very well-respected man in his profession and in his faith.  In addition, he empowered many of his students through mentorship and continuing correspondence (aka snail mail).


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