In Uncategorized on July 17, 2009 at 6:17 pm

Being in my hometown elicits all kinds of hauntings – former friendships, some broken, unattended, while others had been forgotten.  Also, I hear echos of my youth when I pass by a soccer complex, an old apartment, smelling the pre-harvest soil on the edge of town.  Friendships in which I felt alone, people with whom I had been absent, memories that seem to stick.

All kinds of questions fill my head.  Does anything of my future belong here?  In what environment would I want to raise my kids?  How do I live with this richness in my current context in Orange County?  Am I merely intoxicated by a particular season, the summer when all the seeds are bearing fruit and produce?  I remember periods of deep loneliness as well as profound joy and fulfillment.

I came across some exciting ideas today when talking with a friend: 1) owning a winery, 2) growing fresh produce to sell in a local farmer’s market, 3) living in different places and contexts throughout my life.  I’m intrigued by the impact of Michelangelo.  (the artist, not the ninja turtle – I preferred Donatello) I digress.  Leaving cultural artifacts that profoundly impacted cities throughout Italy, Europe and the world.  Creating art that speaks with profound depth.


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