Global and Living History

In Uncategorized on July 18, 2009 at 3:31 pm

Being that I am visiting my hometown, I took the opportunity today to do something a bit more touristy than I might have done when living here.  Lindsay, my parents and I went and toured Living History Farms about 12-15 minutes from my old home.  Touted as an outdoor museum, LHF stages the major transitions in Iowa farming.

I was most interested in the 1875 town; because, prior to the civil war and industrial revolution, farmers lived in a symbiotic relationship with craftsman of the town.  They would exchange goods and services (such as blacksmiths, broommakers, printing presses, general stores, etc.) for farm produce.   In the context of my book, Alandria, I wanted to understand how the farms functioned in relationship to craftsman.

When the industrial revolution hit, railroads connected industries of the East to the farms through the midwest.  Eventually, the craftsman became obselete.  I was fascinated by the way railroads changed the needs in the towns.  It reminded me of our global economy.  What services, goods, produce do we have to offer the world?

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