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Yesterday, I spent the afternoon at the gun range with my dad, brother and wife.  I’ll admit I was nervous about being at a range with handguns.  After a brief introduction to the range by an instructor and a short gun synopsis by my younger brother, I was firing a 9mm and a 45 at targets 15 yards away.  Not as easy as it looks.  At most exercises, I am able to quickly learn how to succeed.  Generally, I’m a quick learner.

I was surprised even at fifteen yards to miss the target wide or low.  It has a lot to do with how my hands receive the impact as the gun is fired.  I was intently focused on holding it firmly, focusing on the target, etc.  My bro came over and said some words.  “What do I need to do so it will fire more directly?” I asked him.  “Well, breathe,” he said eager to support me.  Be more natural holding the gun and aiming at the target.  It was as if I was focused so much on my task that I forgot “to be” with the gun in my hands.  “Breathe.”

Today, I had lunch with one of my favorite high school teachers and my wife.  After I said a brief prayer for the meal, she invited us to ‘breathe’ and relax.  Perhaps she could sense my anxiety saying a prayer with someone who may not share the same faith.  Maybe she just wanted to lighten the mood.  In either case, I was reminded to ‘relax’.  Sometimes the intensity with which I approach a task, can actually hinder me from “being” in the task.  Kind of a theme these days.  Maybe a truer faith would believe that I will learn and grow, regardless of whether, I believe rightly or do the right thing (I.e. do everything perfectly).  I can still learn, and grow, and breathe.

  1. Josh, so interesting how when God has a message for us, he often gives it to us two or three times until we pay attention. John’s message this week at chruch was to use “slowing down” as first in our spiritual fitness program. How often we take on a task or goal withour first “breathing”. I equate that with “Being still” (as in knowing I am God). This is a great reminder for all of us. Maybe if we learn to breath first we will also recognize WHO is making the plans.

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