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Every Conversation

In Uncategorized on August 24, 2009 at 9:36 pm

I finished Dan Allender’s To Be Told this evening.  It is interesting that the most profound moment of the book was during the Post script for me.  A comment that Allender made aligned with a conversation I was having earlier.  You know the kind of conversation that you are actually just having with yourself (i.e. Susan Scott’s ‘Every conversation I have is with myself, and sometimes it involves other people’).  So, I was having a conversation about career pursuit and what that meant to me.  The question on my mind was, “if the career question I have been asking was actually about something bigger, what would it be about?”  Or put another way, “What is the meta-conversation about?”

I became curious.  You mean a larger conversation than struggle and pain and pleasure and desire?  You mean a larger question than day-to-day work?  Dan suggested that he was looking for a dad.  A real flesh-and-blood dad that was with him.  I relate.  I wonder if my ‘larger conversation’ is about having the courage to step into the unknown.  I wonder if it is about finding resources and provision as I go.  I wonder if it is about having the kind of attitude and grit that believes that all things are possible.  I wonder if it involves dreaming big, risking, failing….with my Dad.