Emptying after a Race

In Eclipse on October 14, 2009 at 8:11 am

My past four months of training culminated this past weekend at the Chicago marathon.  Early morning wake-up calls, six workouts a week, and ordering my schedule around workouts all came to a close after the race.  I hoped to run a 3:30, which amounts to 8 minute miles.  I ran a 3:13 (7 min 22 sec) pace, despite two restroom breaks.  I was three minutes away from Boston qualification.

The weekend was also a family trip, initiated by my mom, who ran in the race with me as well.  It as her second marathon and my first.  Lindsay and my dad joined as spectators.  They were die-hard as weather was in the 30s most of the day!  The rest of the weekend was filled with limping, a museum visit (Oriental museum at Univ of Chicago) and culinary adventures in both Little Italy and Chinatown.  Both restaurants were amazing!  And so were our servers.  We concluded the trip with pizza dinner in Des Moines with my bro and sister-in-law.

Now, as I face a new work week, I’m feeling the absence of structure that informed so much of my time the past few months.  There is no timeline of morning distances to run.  There is no set mileage to reach each week.  Just emptying of all the disciplines that have supported me the past months.  Hopefully, this loss will make the space for what is next.  Onward.

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