Wine Appreciation

In Onward on December 18, 2009 at 10:59 pm

The coach of a recent seminar I attended posed the question, “Do you know what the difference is between someone who drinks wine and someone who appreciates it?”  The question lingered as our academy group wondered at his question.  Our coach went on to explain that someone who drinks wine does just that – they drink it.  Someone who appreciates wine, on the other hand, can tell you much more.

Those who appreciate wine are familiar with nuance.  They may be able to identify the year, the wood in which it was fermented and the vinter.  They may describe the various flavors and aromas that fill the glass as they swirl the wine in their mouth.  Wine lovers talk about ‘legs’, which describes the viscosity of the wine as it drips down the sides of their glass.

The coach went on to describe ‘appreciation’ in a different context.  He invited us to think about people and our relationships like wine.  How do we appreciate the people in our lives?  How do we drink in the complexity and nuance of our relationships?  How often do we generously speak our appreciation and describe it to those we love?

The barage of questions got me thinking about my two year anniversary.  In fact, the questions changed my plans.  I had planned on a mountain camping weekend followed by a shopping spree in Oceanside.  When I returned from the seminar, I whisked my sweetie to the Temecula wine country.  From the balcony vista of Falkner winery, the subtleties of wine became known to us.  We appreciated each other and our marriage in entirely new ways.

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