The Art of Possibility

In Uncategorized on February 2, 2010 at 3:14 pm

At long last, I completed the Art of Possibility this afternoon.  I drank the book in over the last month and a half, reflecting on the stories and practices of the book.  I have a picture in my mind of ‘the time it should take to finish a book.’  This did not match.  Or maybe that picture is based on a measurement of my performance, rather than what was wanted and needed.

I had coffee (tea actually) with a long time friend last night at Coffee Bean in Irvine.  I drank African Sunrise from what appeared to be a glass, beer mug, though it was not frosted.  My friend aptly pointed out that I do not have the insight into my own story that I might think or wish I did.  (I have a tendency to take my own insights very seriously).  His comment stuck with me in that I often do not have the same visibility as others do into my actions.  Those that know me well can affirm that I have better visibility with others than I often do with myself.  Blind spots are just that.  I’ve got em.  And relationships are the best way to get visibility on them – no amount of compulsive studying or reflection can give the same feedback.

In the spirit of this book, I have enjoyed entering into new spacious conversations with others.  Offering them space to say ‘what is so’ for the relationship.  I’ve enjoyed the power to speak into a new context of relationship that involves partnership, rather than isolation and mutuality, rather than one-ups-manship.

I’m thankful for this read and anticipate to continue to enlist its practices as a vehicle that defies the world of measurement/comparison and launches US into a universe of possibilities.


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