In Onward on February 14, 2010 at 11:38 pm

I bought my wife a vase for Valentine’s day.  We are moving into a new place in the next couple of weeks, so I thought she would enjoy a new vase (for when I get her flowers).  She seemed to enjoy the design.

I had a college professor once tell me that the reason lovers exchange flowers (i.e. guys buy flowers for ladies) is because they are the reproductive organs of the plant.  She referenced some lines of Ovid and reduced this form of chivalry to a very sorry proposition indeed.  Maybe ladies enjoy flowers because they are a reminder of beauty…

I was walking out of a shopping center a couple of months ago and was halted by an enormous palm jutting out of the side walk.  After looking closer it seemed out of place amid the tall, concrete buildings and neon banners.  I began to wonder about it’s being there.  Was it there because some human architect decided it should grow there?  Was it there because it was given space and suitable setting to burst into it’s full, majestic form?

I began wondering what seeds take shape in our lives.  This post began as an errand a couple of months ago.  Then, it became a thought.  Then, a note.  Next, it was a reminder.  Today, it formed as a blog post.  Interesting how tiny things grow, when given the right environment.

This leaves me with a couple questions for those of you, who have read this far.  What dreams are you responsible to?  How are you giving them space to ‘burst forth’ into their full expression?


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