Leadership and the Threat of Malice

In Uncategorized on July 29, 2010 at 6:57 pm

I often consider writings – especially spiritual writings – in light of leadership.  And lately, I’ve been reflecting on the life and circumstances of a great Jewish leader.  He is often touted, in certain circles, as a pre-eminent model of leadership (and administration).  His name was Nehemiah and he lived in the B.C. time period.  Can you believe a culture/people group with that much longevity?

When Nehemiah had committed himself to a massive vision – re-founding the city of Jerusalem along with re-instituting the spiritual practices of the Jews at that time – it was then that opposition rose against him.  A man named Tobiah, with malicious intent, threatened Nehemiah by portraying his leadership as self-serving and power hungry.

As I’ve reflected on my leadership, I notice similar accusations taking me out.  ‘Josh, you want to influence others for your own ends.’  ‘You just desire to lord your position over others.’ ‘You are trying to get them to serve you!’  I notice from his story that Nehemiah shrugged off the malice and did not let it affect his actions.  I would guess that his intent remained clear – to impart blessing to the people of Israel.  Would our leadership remain true if our prayer to God was the same as his?

“Now strengthen my hands.”


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