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In Onward on February 14, 2010 at 11:38 pm

I bought my wife a vase for Valentine’s day.  We are moving into a new place in the next couple of weeks, so I thought she would enjoy a new vase (for when I get her flowers).  She seemed to enjoy the design.

I had a college professor once tell me that the reason lovers exchange flowers (i.e. guys buy flowers for ladies) is because they are the reproductive organs of the plant.  She referenced some lines of Ovid and reduced this form of chivalry to a very sorry proposition indeed.  Maybe ladies enjoy flowers because they are a reminder of beauty…

I was walking out of a shopping center a couple of months ago and was halted by an enormous palm jutting out of the side walk.  After looking closer it seemed out of place amid the tall, concrete buildings and neon banners.  I began to wonder about it’s being there.  Was it there because some human architect decided it should grow there?  Was it there because it was given space and suitable setting to burst into it’s full, majestic form?

I began wondering what seeds take shape in our lives.  This post began as an errand a couple of months ago.  Then, it became a thought.  Then, a note.  Next, it was a reminder.  Today, it formed as a blog post.  Interesting how tiny things grow, when given the right environment.

This leaves me with a couple questions for those of you, who have read this far.  What dreams are you responsible to?  How are you giving them space to ‘burst forth’ into their full expression?


Wine Appreciation

In Onward on December 18, 2009 at 10:59 pm

The coach of a recent seminar I attended posed the question, “Do you know what the difference is between someone who drinks wine and someone who appreciates it?”  The question lingered as our academy group wondered at his question.  Our coach went on to explain that someone who drinks wine does just that – they drink it.  Someone who appreciates wine, on the other hand, can tell you much more.

Those who appreciate wine are familiar with nuance.  They may be able to identify the year, the wood in which it was fermented and the vinter.  They may describe the various flavors and aromas that fill the glass as they swirl the wine in their mouth.  Wine lovers talk about ‘legs’, which describes the viscosity of the wine as it drips down the sides of their glass. Read the rest of this entry »


In Onward on July 4, 2009 at 9:30 pm

I had a massive overhaul today.  I spent my afternoon with stacks of papers and belongings that have accumulated; maps, guitar strings, college papers, many pieces of scratch paper, you get the picture.  What do I do with all these seemingly different objects?  Obviously, they have accumulated because I did not know what else to do with them.  I laid everything out on the floor in our family room, thinking that somehow these things must have something to do with my life.

As I continued to look at them, I noticed somethings were unfinished projects, while others were simply project ideas.  Some items were an attempt at organization and concerted-ness.  Other items suggested the bigger scope I desire to have in the world (i.e. maps, cultural artifacts, language interests).  After grouping them into several such categories, I promised myself to regularly reflect on things I have left undone.  What got in the way?  What would I like to be different in the future?  I will reserve space for artistic endeavors as creativity is something that gets me out of the ‘slavery to production’. Read the rest of this entry »

Forward Action

In Onward on February 26, 2009 at 11:58 am

I was looking for a book called Fierce Conversations recommended to me by a friend on the subject of life coaching.  Life coaching, if you are not familiar with it, is a form of counsel that is focused on the future.  It is less concerned with past hurt and more oriented toward forward action.

As I looked for this book, I had an idea that has been familiar to me over the years when I am in the library.  “I wonder if someone is watching me according to the section I am in?  Am I about to stumble upon great secrets of wealth, fame and notoriety?”  Such was the thinking.  I was curious about that thought though.  To some extent I believe that education can be a huge investment into the future.  It is through the books that I decide to read and study that I am becoming the kind of man who can tackle the future.

I was not able to find that book or another for which I was searching.  I was thinking in my head that it would be funny if the title of the book I was looking for was called, “How to Keep an Idiot Busy.”  I kept playing the conversation forward in my head until I was asking a secretary for assistance.  I let the internal comment slip hoping that she would find amusement.  After I let it out, I hope that she did not think she was the ‘idiot’ I was asking to do the searching.  I stumbled over an apology as she took me to find the books.  One of them was in pre-shelving; the other was in the correct location.  Maybe pre-shelving is the area being monitored?

Conversations in Motion

In Onward on February 20, 2009 at 11:32 pm

“Running is prayer for me,” the middle-aged man in the white coat told me.  “When I’m moving I feel it in my core.”  It was my first visit to the chiropractor (as a patient).  I could not tell if he was making the statements as to build a bridge or if there was something else.  A passion that could only come from deep love.  I could not help but feel like our conversation about spirituality was like two chess players feeling each other out with their first few moves.

“Kind of like Orthodox Jews at the wailing wall.”  I moved my piece.  His eyes lit up.  “That never occurred to me.  They are moving at the wall.  And I grew up Jewish; was bar-mitzvahed and everything.”  Then, he delivered the final move, “That could be the subject of one of your books – Prayer Movement.”

“Interesting,” I mused.  One hour earlier, I had met a published writer and athlete in the waiting room.  “Everything happens for a reason,” she reassured me, after a mutually interesting conversation.  I had given her my business card, one of the spares I keep in my wallet, which I have been replacing frequently lately.  It’s interesting how many people have been for me in this pursuit of writing.